Mail Processing: Feeders/Conveyors
V710 IJ Streamfeeder

V710 IJ Streamfeeder

The V-710IJ is for production mailing operations that demand maximum throughput from their ink jet printing, labeling, and tabbing bases. The lightweight V-710IJ provides superior feeding to precisely separate and singulate many types and sizes of product. Job setups and changeovers are easily and quickly accomplished. The variable speed, clutch-free motor provides dependable feeding performance.

   * Durable steel construction/powder coat   paint
   * Quality precision parts
   * Quick access split shell design
   * Variable speed DC motor
   * Adjustable feed belts for added feeding performance
   * Feeds tall stack heights of 8.5" x 11" and A4 sheets with ease
   * Advancing gate enables maintenance without stopping a job
   * Optional external run input for integrated start/stop control

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